Why is my 13 year old daughter losing so much hair?

I have recently noticed that my 13 year old daughter is losing a lot of hair. If she has been in the bathroom brushing her hair, the sink and counter is just covered with her hair as well as the bathroom floor. After vacuuming her bedroom, the beater bar on my vacuum is covered with her hair. I know everyone loses about 100 strands of hair everyday but she is deffinately losing more than that. Her nail beds appear to be healthy. The appearace of her hair looks healthy but does feel a little dry lately. Her hair care routine has not changed in the past two years; shampoo/conditions approximately 3-4 times per week and uses a straightening iron about the same. She does take an over the counter allergy medicine but has for about 4 years now. Is there anything she can do to stop this hair loss? Not only would it make her happy to stop losing so much hair but it will make me even happier so that I am not having to constantly clean up all the hair off her bathroom sink and floor!

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  1. Sugal Says:

    Hair loss in adolescents, like in adults, can be the result of:

    Poor diet – A diet that lacks that required vitamins in minerals for healthy hair growth

    Stress and anxiety – This is a very common reason for hair loss with teens, especially during end of the year exam periods or as a result of social

    Hormonal imbalance – Temporary hair loss as a result of shifts in hormone levels can happen during puberty

    Disease – Several diseases side effects include hair loss, such as thyroid problems, lupus and diabetes (where hair loss is one of the first signs of the disease)

    Plus, the use of styling devices (like a straightening iron) can lead to having dry hair.

    There are many things that can be done to treat and prevent hair loss, but it is important to take your daughter to be examined by a dermatologist that will diagnose the cause of her excessive hair loss. Only once you know the reason can you match a proper treatment.

    Treatments for hair loss vary and might include vitamin supplements, scalp massages or, when hair loss is just a symptom of another problem (such as stress) then treating the root cause is enough to make the symptom (hair loss) go away.

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