What is The Best Product for Thinning Hair?

I am a guy and my hair is thinning… I looked up and found a couple of products for thinning hair – Nioxin, ProFolla follicles stimulator and Revivogen. Which one is better? What is best product for thinning hair?

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  1. Corey Says:

    In order to determine what is the best product for thinning hair that you can use, you first need to know what is the cause of your hair loss.
    It is reported that approx. 90% of all people who are suffering from hair loss have a genetic predisposition for hair loss.

    If this is the case, and DHT is the reason (that is: you are experiencing the early stages of male pattern baldness), then you should consult the doctor about choosing an FDA approved drug (like Minoxidil or Propecia) to treat your hair loss.

    If this is the case, you can also increase vitamin intake and maybe include low light laser therapy in your treatment.

    If your thinning hair condition is the result of stress or poor diet, then you can try using any of the products you’ve mentioned. But make sure to first know that cause of your hair loss.

    Many spend hundreds and thousands of dollars on treatments that cannot hope to help, simply because they are not treating the problem – but the symptom.

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