What Causes Thinning Hair?

What causes thinning hair aside from genetics?

One Answer to “What Causes Thinning Hair?”

  1. Sugal Says:

    Genetics is responsible for the majority of thinning hair problems.

    Aside from that, thinning hair can also be the result of:

    Old age. Both men and women experience hair thinning once they pass a certain age. The actual age when this happens varies and depends of many factors, including genetics

    Hormonal changes. Like during pregnancy or menopause

    Poor diet. Nutritional deficiencies (that is, if your diet does not consist of important vitamins and minerals in sufficient quantities) can cause brittle, dry hair, as well as temporary hair loss

    Medication. Aside from certain types of chemotherapy which are known to cause hair loss, the following are also considered to cause hair loss: steroids, birth control, acne medication and certain anti depressants

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