Sulfur for Hair Growth

My hair is thinning.
Can it help my hair if I start using sulfur for hair growth?

2 Answers to “Sulfur for Hair Growth”

  1. Sugal Says:

    It is recommended to make a change of diet and apply sulfur cream and monitor the condition of hair thinning for improvements.

    Studies conducted that tested sulfur for hair growth have found that sulfur rich foods (like: nuts, broccoli, asparagus, eggs and chicken) and sulfur rich creams (applied to the scalp) can help hair growth and make existing hair look shinier and healthier.

    It was also found that sulfur helps nail growth.

    While these are very positive and promising results, these studies did not include many test subjects (approx. 25 participants), so it might require more studies to reach conclusive results regarding the effectiveness of sulfur for thinning hair.

  2. Corey Says:

    Sulfur is a very important mineral which the body (specifically hair and nails) needs.

    If a person is suffering from a deficiency of sulfur, hair tends to become brittle and this person might also start losing his hair, so it is important to maintain a healthy level of sulfur at all times.