Should I Take Propecia?


What are the latest studies regarding the effectiveness of using Propecia for hair loss? Should I take Propecia to improve the condition of my receding hairline?


Propecia was proven, in extensive studies, to stop hair loss and over 50% also experienced regrowth of head hair.

It is specifically effective in stopping frontal hair loss, so it can very well improve the condition of your receding hairline.

There are some Propecia side effects that anyone considering taking this medication should be aware of:
* Decreased libido
* Impotence
* Problems in achieving an orgasm

One Answer to “Should I Take Propecia?”

  1. EllenJ Says:

    Propecia helps men keep the amount of hair they have, and might also promote some growth of new hair, even though not very extensive growth.

    If you will be content with these results, then Propecia is a recommended option, perhaps combined with scalp massage or low light laser therapy that will induce some new hair growth.

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