Scalp Massage for Hair Loss

Scalp Massage for hair loss will help by stimulating blood circulation. It can prevent hair loss as well as keep hair from turning gray.

A scalp massage is particularly useful in the morning before showering, and in the evening, before going to bed. In order to increase the effectiveness of the scalp massage, you should use one of the following massage oils, depending on the results you are looking to acheive:

Recommended Oils for Scalp Massage for Hair Loss

1. Sesame seed oil – This oil contains Linoleic acid which is one of the most important enzymes.

2. Mustard oil – If you hair has started to turn gray, mustard oil can help in delaying that process. It is advised to mix this oil with sesame seed oil to prevent skin irritation.

3. Coconut oil – Known for having a cooling effect on the body, and stimulates the growth of long, thick and shiny hair.

4. Bhringaraj oil – Especially recommended if you would like to slow down the process of hair turning gray.

Some other advantages to performing a regular daily scalp massage for hair loss are – relaxation of the nerve system as well as relieving the fatigue caused by a stressful daily life.

Once you have selected the oil you use and when during your day you will perform your daily scalp massage for hair loss routine, you can start:

Steps in Scalp Massage for Hair Loss

1. Step 1 – Place oil in 3 places across you head: the fontanel, where your head connects to your neck in the basis of the scalp, and in the upper part of your forehead.

2. Step 2 – Massage your head in circular motions and tap your scalp gently with the tips of your fingers.

3. Step 3 – Continue to rub your head with your fingers from the base of your skull to your forehead.

4. Step 4 – Locate your palms above your ears and apply pressure to your head from both sides.

When you finish, try to take a deep breath and relax for a couple of minutes.