Relation Between Calcium and Hair Loss


From what I know, the best way to get calcium is by eating foods that are rich in calcium. I’m not sure but maybe my hair loss is a result of calcium deficiency? I’m going to do blood tests to see if my hair loss is related to any specific mineral deficiencies.
What is the relation between calcium and hair loss?


Minerals like Calcium are important in maintaining a healthy body. Calcium together with magnesium works in helping grow hair. A deficiency can ultimately cause the hair to fall out.

Calcium and magnesium imbalance is a common contributor to hair loss. But too much calcium in relation to the amount of magnesium in the body can also negatively affect the hair.
A balanced amount of these two minerals should be obtained by the body in order to prevent hair loss. Many foods have magnesium in them therefore it is rare to have a deficiency in magnesium.

To obtain more Calcium, try out strawberries, broccoli, green leafy vegetables.

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  1. manegain Says:

    Calcium CANNOT be processed in your system with sunlight, which produces vitamin D…so no matter HOW much calcium you ingest, unless you have sunlight to produce vitamin D, it will not be processed in your body for bone health..

    See: about vitamin D and sunlight myths and facts…

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