Niacin and Hair Loss


I heard that a deficiency of niacin can cause hair loss. Can I increase my intake of niacin and hair loss problems will go away?


Yes, niacin deficiency can result in hair loss. If you are suffering from hair loss, you should take a blood test to see what are your current levels of various vitamins or minerals. Many vitamins are required for healthy hair growth, and you should supplement your vitamin intake, based on the results of your blood tests.

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  1. EllenJ Says:

    A deficiency of niacin can cause hair loss.

    Niacin, when applied topically, has a dilating effect on the scalp’s blood vessels, which can help hair growth.

    While it is also important to maintain healthy levels of niacin with a proper diet (foods that are rich in niacin include chicken, salmon, turkey, peanuts, beans, turnips, carrots and potatoes), this will not help hair growth, if you are not suffering from vitamin deficiency.

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