Natural Remedies for Hair Loss

My hair has started thinning and I am looking for some natural remedies for hair loss that I can use. Any suggestions?

One Answer to “Natural Remedies for Hair Loss”

  1. Corey Says:

    There are many natural remedies for hair loss to choose from. A special place among this take the herbal remedies for hair loss category.

    Coconut Oil
    – After you wash your hair, it becomes much more elastic and fragile, thus more prone to breaking when you comb or brush it. In order to avoid this, massage your hair and scalp with coconut oil before you wash it. Doing so everyday can prevent your hair from falling out. Coconut oil is also known for helping the hair be stronger and thicker.

    – Arnica is sold as a cream or as oil, both can be used as natural remedies for hair loss. Rubbing Arnica cream on your scalp can promote hair growth, and using Arnica oil in your shampoo or conditioner can help strengthen your hair by stimulating hair follicles. It is important to make sure you do not have any wounds on your scalp before applying any Arnica treatment, and monitor for allergic reactions.

    Vitamin B
    – It is a known fact that vitamin b deficiency can result not only in damaged hair and slower rate of hair growth, but can also cause excessive shedding and hair loss. A diet that includes foods rich in Vitamin B (like clams, fish, low-fat cheese and eggs) or food supplements can help treat hair loss, if it a result of such a deficiency.

    Vitamin E
    – Known for stimulating blood circulation, which is crucial in keeping hair follicles active and producing hair, taking Vitamin E orally can moderately assist in growing back lost hair.

    Argan Oil
    – This oil has many benefits, among which are its abilities to eliminate dandruff, moisturize your skin and protects you from hair loss by helping damaged hair follicles to recover.

    Egg yolk
    – Applying egg yolks to your scalp, massaging it in and keeping it on for 45 minutes will moisturize your hair, giving it a healthier and shinier look. People using this method have stopped losing excessive amounts of hair within 1-4 months from the time they began the treatment.