Is There a Connection Between Oily Scalp and Hair Loss?

I have an oily scalp and in the past 3 months, my hair is falling out, one day I counted about 200 hairs in less than 24 hours, so I know I am suffering from hair loss. I don’t know what is causing it. Is there a connection between oily scalp and hair loss?

2 Answers to “Is There a Connection Between Oily Scalp and Hair Loss?”

  1. Corey Says:

    Many ask about the connection between an oily scalp and hair loss.
    Excess sebum production results in oily scalp. Sebum production can be triggered by a range of factors. Excess sebum is not only bad for hair, but also for the skin. While oily scalp related hair loss is more often due to the same factors that trigger dandruff.
    So in short – Oily scalp is not the direct culprit of any hair loss conditions.

  2. EllenJ Says:

    Oil nourishes the hair and keeps it lustrous.

    However, when oil exceeds the normal limit, it attracts dirt and makes the hair rough and sticky. It helps the growth of dandruff, and can also suffocate hair follicles, in extreme conditions.

    Having a balanced diet, washing hair frequently, avoiding fried foods and exercising on a regular basis help many hair loss related cases.

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