Nicotine and Hair Loss

Is there a connection between nicotine and hair loss? Are smokers more likely to suffer from hair loss as a result of nicotine consumption?

2 Answers to “Nicotine and Hair Loss”

  1. Emma Says:

    Nicotine is bad for the circulatory system, which among many other more serious results, can also lead to hair loss.

    The short answer is that it is possible that there can be a connection between nicotine and hair loss.

    More specifically, in order for your hair to grow strong, it requires oxygen, nutrients, and minerals. Smoking has a negative effect on blood flow and only blood can carry to the scalp all the ingredients that it needs in ordre to keep hair follicles producing hair that is thick and not fragile.

  2. EllenJ Says:

    Smoking is damaging to your general health, which theoretically can lead to hair loss, but it’s not a well-researched side effects.