Hypnosis for Hair Loss?

I’ve been doing some reading about alternative treatments for hair loss and have come across one site that details a treatment method of hypnosis for hair loss. Is this technique effective?

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  1. EllenJ Says:

    It is a known fact that in some cases, placebo drugs work. Placebo is actually another way of saying that the belief of a person in a treatment, produces actual, “in the field” results.

    This is the basis for most claims regarding the effectiveness of hypnosis for hair loss.

    However, there is another way to look at it. There is a known connection between mind and body. Stress, for example, which is a mental condition, is responsible for many cases of hair loss. So, the same way that the mind can cause hair loss, it can prevent hair loss.

    Hypnosis for hair loss is only effective if you believe it can work for you. If you are too skeptical, chances are this treatment will not be effective and will not help your hair loss condition.

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