How to Grow Hair After Chemo?

I just finished chemo about 6 weeks ago, and I really want my hair to grow back faster. Is there a way to make hair grow faster after chemo? Or basically any inputs on how to grow hair after chemo…

2 Answers to “How to Grow Hair After Chemo?”

  1. EllenJ Says:

    There is no way to help you hair grow faster, but you can definitely help it grow stronger by consuming certain vitamins like vitamin B and D.
    You can do a little reading here about natural remedies for hair loss.

  2. Will Says:

    Some people say that the rate of hair growth is affected by the outside temprature. The reason for this is that the cold shrinks blood vessels , causing less blood to flow to your scalp and hair to grow more slowly.

    In the same way, a warm weather facilitates blood flow to your scalp, causing it to grow faster.

    No studies have shown a connection, so it might not be a very effective way to grow your hair faster, but some peope do recommend it regardless of the lack of evidence.

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