Hair Loss – Genetics Myths

Myth: For men, genetic hair loss is passed down from their mother’s side and for women, from their father’s side.

Fact: Both parents affect the hair loss genetics connection in all of their off springs, both male and female.

Myth: There are various reasons for hair loss, many of which are not genetic

Fact: 90% of the people that suffer from hair loss suffer from hereditary hair loss (one that is caused by genetics).

Myth: If my dad/mom is bald then I have the same baldness genes and will go become bald.

Fact: Now it is known that a person that has baldness genes will not necessarily become bald. However, if you have these genes, you are at a greater risk to suffer from hair loss and it is therefore recommended that you visit a specialist. One reason for not delaying is that medication is more effective when used in the earlier stages of hair loss.

Myth: Only men are at risk for hair loss caused by genetics.

Fact: Although women rarely go bald, they can suffer from genetic hair loss that includes excessive shedding and thinning hair.

Myth: Stress can trigger genetic hair loss

Fact: Although stress can trigger hair loss (as well as manifest itself in many other unpleasant ways) there is not hair loss genetics connection between the two.