Hair Gel Baldness?

I have been using hair gel since I was 12, I am now 28 and baldness is a big problem for me, my hair line has receded, I have what’s called “frontal baldness”. Is there a known connection between hair gel and baldness? What can I do about my baldness?

2 Answers to “Hair Gel Baldness?”

  1. Corey Says:

    No, there is no such thing as “hair gel baldness”.

    Although hair gel damages the hair and leaves it dry, the hair follicles, which are the ones producing new hair, are not damaged by daily application of hair gel.

    It is much more likely that your condition is the result of a genetic predisposition, but you should probably consult a doctor to determine what exactly is the cause of your hair loss.

  2. Emma Says:

    There is no proven connection between hair gel and hair loss. Your baldness is most likely the result of genetics. But you might consider stopping your use of hair gel, and seeing a doctor.

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