Does the Hairmax Laser Comb Work?

My husband suffers from thinning hair, and I want to buy Hairmax laser comb for him. Does the Hairmax laser comb work

2 Answers to “Does the Hairmax Laser Comb Work?”

  1. Corey Says:

    Yes, many users of the Hairmax laser comb report it to be an effective solution for hair loss. Even doctors are recommending the Hairmax laser comb to their patients.

    It’s better to start using it as soon as possible (when noticing the first signs of thinning) since it won’t help anyone grow his hair back once he has gone completely bald.

  2. Emma Says:

    There is still no conclusive evidence, since it is a relatively new treatment. On the Rachel Ray show they performed a study case so you can check that video on YouTube and see for yourself the “before” and “after”.

    A lot of people ask “does the Hairmax laser comb work” because they want to avoid spending so much money on something that might not be effective, but there are many positive reviews that I recommend your husband try it and decide for himself.

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