Does Insulin Cause Hair Loss?


My niece was just recently diagnosed with type 1 diabetes and she is now treated with insulin.
She used to have thick and shiny hair, and now her hair is thinning.

Does insulin cause hair loss?


Insulin should not cause hair loss.

Insulin regulates the level of sugar in your blood to avoid hypoglycemia and hyperglycemia. Hair loss is n rare side-effect of hyperglycemia. Therefore, in a person suffering from type 1 diabetes, proper treatment with insulin should, if anything, prevent hair loss.

It would be a good idea to bring this up with your niece’s endocrinologist, in order to investigate whether her hair loss might be a result of her diabetes, a sign that it is not well-managed by the current treatment, or whether there is some other unrelated cause.

One Answer to “Does Insulin Cause Hair Loss?”

  1. Julia Says:

    Diabetes is a known cause for hair loss, although I personally know a lot of people who have diabetes (both type 1 and type 2) and have a full head of hair.

    Once diagnosed and treated, diabetes is not likely to cause hair loss. Losing hair is actually a warning sign for people who suffer from diabetes but don’t know it yet.