Does Accutane Cause Hair Loss?

Is there any known connection between Accutane and hair loss? I have been taking Accutane for 2 and a half months but now more of my hair is falling out every day… Is it a known side effect? Is it permanent?

2 Answers to “Does Accutane Cause Hair Loss?”

  1. EllenJ Says:

    Yes, many users report that they have suffered hair loss while taking Accutane or even after they have stopped taking the medication.

    In most cases hair loss is temporary and normal hair growth will renew, but some have reported a permanent hair loss.

  2. Corey Says:

    It is a known side effect that Accutane can cause hair loss, but it isn’t one of the more common side effects.
    This is the reason Accutane is only prescribed in severe cases of Acne, where other medications have failed.

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