Cymbalta Hair Loss

I am taking Cymbalta, since I have panic attacks and general anxiety.

Are Cymbalta & hair loss connected to one another? Is one of Cymbalta side effects hair loss?

2 Answers to “Cymbalta Hair Loss”

  1. Corey Says:

    Hair loss is not one of the known side effects of Cymbalta, but it is possible that you have a rare reaction. Ask your doctor about switching to a different drug.

  2. Will Says:

    No, Cymbalta & hair loss are not connected.

    Cymbalta has many possible side effects, most common ones include nausea, diarrhea, constipation, sweating, headaches and a dry mouth.

    In any case, if you are experiencing hair loss, I suggest you visit a dermatologist which will be able to diagnose the root cause of your hair loss.