Can Stress Cause Hair Loss?

I am under a lot of pressure lately and I’m losing more of my hair everyday, way more than I used to before.
Can Stress Cause Hair Loss?

One Answer to “Can Stress Cause Hair Loss?”

  1. Sugal Says:

    Yes, stress can cause hair loss.

    There are 2 ways in which stress causes hair loss:

    1. Telogen effluvium (TE) – There are 3 phases in the life cycle of each hair strand. The growing phase, the resting phase and the falling out phase. Normally, hair strands grow for 4-6 years before entering the resting phase. Stress can cause hairs to prematurely enter the resting phase and fall out.

    2. Alopecia areata – In this condition, the body attacks hair follicles – causing them to fall off. Stress is considered to be one possible reason for Alopeca areata.

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