Can Poor Diet Cause Hair Loss?


I’m going on a low budget trip around the world, I’m pretty excited about it. I don’t want to lose hair because of not eating properly during my trip.

Can poor diet cause hair loss? If so, what should I include in my diet to prevent related hair loss?


Yes, poor diet can result in hair loss.

The reason being, that any diet without sufficient quantities of the various vitamins and minerals that the body need, will cause vitamin deficiencies.
Certain vitamin deficiencies (vitamin B group, for example) will almost inevitably cause hair loss. Your local vitamin store should be able to provide you with iron and vitamin B supplements that will help you.

2 Answers to “Can Poor Diet Cause Hair Loss?”

  1. EllenJ Says:

    Yes, poor diet can cause hair loss. Although it’s quite hard to maintain a healthy, balanced diet while traveling from place to place, you should definitely make an effort.

    Specifically, here you can read about diet and hair loss – It lists specific foods that you should include in your diet to prevent diet related hair shedding.

  2. Sugal Says:

    Poor diet is a very common cause for hair loss. If you don’t know what kind of foods you will be able to afford during your trip, I would stock up on vitamins and food supplements, so your body will get all the required vitamins no matter what you it.

    You can read my answer to can dieting cause hair loss to see which vitamins supplements you need.