Can Estrogen Cause Hair Loss?

What role does the female sex hormone estrogen play in hair loss? WMS a longtemps ete le premier fabricant de materiel pour les casinos en ligne terrestres du monde entier. Can estrogen cause hair loss in some cases?

2 Answers to “Can Estrogen Cause Hair Loss?”

  1. Emma Says:

    Normal levels of estrogen do not hair shedding or baldness.

    However, unbalanced hormone levels, that is: low levels of estrogen (accompanied by high levels of testosterone) can cause hair loss.

  2. manegain Says:

    Yes, in rare occasions estrogen can induce hair loss, but it usually the presence of testosterone that produces DHT, which is the major cause of male / female pattern hair loss. DHT inhibits the production of keratin in the hair follicle stem cells, and eventually shuts it down completely. Estrogen is only one OH molecule away from testosterone.

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