Can Endometriosis Cause Hair Loss?


Can Endometriosis cause hair loss? I heard that the 2 are somehow linked.


No studies have found hair loss to be a side effect of Endometriosis.
However, Endometriosis is often treated with hormones, causing the overall levels of these hormones in the body (like progesterone) to fluctuate.

Changing hormone levels is a known cause of hair loss and that is why Endometriosis and hair loss are sometimes linked.

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  1. Corey Says:

    Endometriosis does not cause hair loss.

    However, Endometriosis does cause pain and bleeding, possibly even infertility, so treatments vary and include:

    • Pain killers
    • Medication
    • Removal Surgery

    Medication for Endometriosis is designed to control it, and contains hormones. This treatment for Endometriosis can result in hair loss, since hormones affect hair growth and hair thinning.

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