Can Dieting Cause Hair Loss?

What foods should a diet include in order to avoid hair loss, can dieting cause hair loss?

2 Answers to “Can Dieting Cause Hair Loss?”

  1. Sugal Says:

    Dieting can cause hair loss, if you fail to include all the vitamins and minerals that are required for healthy hair growth.

    In any diet, it is important to make sure you get the following:
    * Vitamin B (B6, B12)
    * Zinc
    * Copper
    * Iron

    If your diet currently does not consist of foods rich of these vitamins and minerals, you should take food supplements or complement your diet with the following foods:

    * Broccoli
    * Fish
    * Chicken
    * Eggs
    * Cheese
    * Whole grains (cereal)
    * Seafood

  2. Corey Says:

    Extreme diets can put the body under stress and trigger hair loss.

    Conditions of stress or anxiety push hairs into the resting phase earlier, which causes them to fall off.

    That’s why any diet should be well balanced and include vitamins, minerals and a sufficient amount of calories.