Can Depression Cause Hair Loss?

I graduated from college almost a year ago and I have been feeling really depressed ever since. I cannot hold a job, my boyfriend and I are constantly fighting, and whenever I run my hand through my hair I end up holding hair strands. Lots of them.

I think I’m clinically depressed. Can depression cause hair loss?

2 Answers to “Can Depression Cause Hair Loss?”

  1. Emma Says:

    Depression by itself cannot cause hair loss, but it can trigger a loop reaction if you also change your diet and lifestyle (which is very common when people become depressed).

    If you stop eating correctly or stop taking care of your body, then you can experience hair loss. One example for that is vitamin deficiency. It by itself can cause hair loss.

  2. Corey Says:

    Yes, depression (like stress) can affect the body, causing many negative reactions, including hair loss. Treating the depression itself is the most important way to start treating the resulting hair loss.

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