Can Conditioner Cause Hair Loss?


I have switched to a different brand of conditioner 2 months ago and now I am shedding a lot more after I wash my hair. Can conditioner cause hair loss?


It is very unlikely that the use of conditioner will result in excessive hair loss. While it is possible that allergies and rare reactions to a certain chemical in your conditionercan result in hair loss, chances are this isn”t the case.

There is a chance (although this is not very likely as well) that excessive use of any hair product will suffocate hair follicles and would result in hair shedding.

In any case, you should consider other factors have contributed to your hair shedding condition: dietary changes and increased levels of stress are much more likely to cause hair loss.

One Answer to “Can Conditioner Cause Hair Loss?”

  1. EllenJ Says:

    No, normal use of any hair care product should not cause any hair loss.
    Excessive use of any styling or hair care product might affect the scalp, causing hair follicles to suffocate – But this is highly unlikely.

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