Can Anxiety Cause Hair Loss?

I have a twin sister, and she complains about suffering from hair loss. Her brush is always full with clumps of hair.
My sister started shedding excessively when I was diagnosed with cancer and began treatment ?? ???????? ??????? for it.
I think me having cancer has put a lot of stress on her and maybe she is suffering from anxiety.

I”m not sure it that makes sense or if I should bring it up – Can anxiety cause hair loss?

One Answer to “Can Anxiety Cause Hair Loss?”

  1. Will Says:

    Yes, anxiety, like stress, can cause hair loss.

    There are 2 ways in which this can happen:

    1. Anxious people can pull their hair out, not even noticing it. Some people play with their hair, twist it (or even scratch their scalp) which results in hair loss.

    2. Anxiety can trigger hair loss, the same way stress can. Either by causing the body to attack hair follicles and causing hair to fall out, or by causing hair to become more prone to falling out when brushing or washing it.

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