Are Diarrhea and Hair Loss Connected?


I’ve been suffering from diarrhea on and off for the past 3 months or so, and my hair is falling out in clumps. I don’t know what to do.
How can I find out if there’s a connection between diarrhea and hair loss?


The connection between diarrhea and hair loss is hyperthyroidism – Recurring diarrhea is a possible symptom of hyperthyroidism. Hair loss is also a symptom of hyperthyroidism. It is unlikely (although possible) that these are the only two symptoms that you are experiencing, if you’re indeed suffering from hyperthyroidism.

Check if you are also suffering from: high cholesterol, weight loss, muscle pain, muscle weakness, joint pain, bulging eyes, fatigue, fragile skin or swelling of the neck there is a chance that you’re suffering from hyperthyroidism and you should consult a doctor.

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