Allergies and Hair Loss

I”ve always had very thin and weak hair, but lately my hair is falling out like crazy and I don”t know why. I”ve went to a dermatologist who asked me if I have allergies (don”t have any that I am aware of) but maybe Nettcasinoene har v?rt litt sent ute med a ta del i denne fantastiske teknologien, og det er litt trist at ikke alle online casinoer tilbyr spilleautomater pa iPad idag, men heldigvis er det iferd med a endre seg. there I have allergies that I don”t know about.

Any information about allergies and hair loss that might be useful and will help me treat my hair loss?

2 Answers to “Allergies and Hair Loss”

  1. Corey Says:

    There is no known connection between most allergies and hair loss in humans (dogs do suffer from hair loss due to food allergies).

    However, hair products that are applied to the hair and scalp might trigger allergic reactions and this can cause temporary hair loss (it should grow back once you change to a different hair product). This is not very likely, but I would think about what have you changed in your hair grooming routine lately.

  2. EllenJ Says:

    If you have a rash on your scalp (caused by allergies), then you might suffer from hair loss.

    This will be visible, so if you do not have a tender/red/scaly/super dry/flaky scalp skin, then this is not the case.

    In any case, you can do a standard allergies test to know if you are currently suffering from any allergies at all. I would look for other possible reasons for your hair loss.

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